Curtain Caddy

Size Guide
    1. Conveniently stores items for easy access
    2. Blocks Light through Rack Curtains
    3. Easy viewing of the items stored.
    4. Machine Washable & Dryable
  • The Curtain Caddy is specifically designed to hang inside the rack curtains for close, convenient storage of rack time items. Think of it as your nightstand. To install simply slide your curtain off the track, insert curtain tabs through the Large Curtain Caddy slits, and re-install your main rack curtain.
    1. Embroidery Add-on Option (Additional charge)
    2. Includes custom text on each product selected
    3. Up to 20 characters of personalized text
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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Very impressed

I mailed this item to my daughter who has been deployed since April 1st. I have not heard if it has arrived on the ship as of yet. I have heard nothing but great reviews of Fleetsheets so far.


Very good on the ship


Prompt and efficient customer service. I checked my tracking number to see if it was processed, but it hadn't gotten embroidered in the month I waited for it. Emailed and got the caddy as soon as one can during deployment with consistent replenishments.
I got my name embroidered in yellow script, came out amazing! Perfect for my book, eye mask, phone charger, headphones and whatever else I don't want to loose in my rack. Also blocks out light a better than the rack curtains by themselves.

Rack Bag

The rack bag is awesome and sturdy and the embroidery looks great.


My son loves it! I wish this would have been available when I was in the Navy.

Size Guide | Fleet Sheets
Size Chart for Navy Ship Rack, Coast Guard Rack, Rack Sheets, Submarine Rack. Sizes are typically based on rank and ship type.
Size Name Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet Pillowcases
Crew (Surface Ships and Submarines) 26" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 92" 20" × 33"
Crew Long (Surface Ships) 26" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 96" 20" × 33"
CPO (Surface Ships, Subs, and Coast Guard Cutters) 28" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 92" 20" × 33"
CPO Long (Surface Ships) 28" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 96" 20" × 33"
Officer (Surface Ships) 34" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 63" × 92" 20" × 33"