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Quality product!

I bought these for my daughter. I am extremely pleased with the product quality. She's going to be so excited! Will definitely shop again.

Surprise for my son

My son just finished Nuke school, got his assignment. I ordered the comfort care package with the embroidery. Did not tell my son what I got him. He was so surprised when he got the box. The mattress pad made a huge difference. He said it almost feels like a real bed now. He also loves the curtain caddy. Well worth the money..

Cold use

Fantastic for colder berthings. Adds so much comfort to sleeping or lounging on the boat

Great time saver

Sheet fits great. It only takes seconds to get the sheet on or off the mattress. Money well spent!


The sheets are super comfortable and warm. They fit great and almost made me forget about the sound of roaring jet engines mere feet from my face.

Fabulous! Won't be using them until spring.

Very Pleased With my Order

Outfitting a new research vessel- great sheets for our mission!

fleet sheets set

Fantastic sheets and quick delivery. Thank you

Sheets for my Sailor

I got the set as a gift for my son. He said the sheets are really nice and the mattress topper really helped him get some good rest.

Best Sleep!

My Sailor said the mattress topper gives him the best sleep, from the moment his head hits his pillow on the top berth until his alarm rings!

Deployment Comfort!

Can't wait to give these to my son who will be deployed in a few months. The sheets seem soft and the topper looks like it will add some comfort to his rack.

Son says great!

My son reported that everything sent to him from Fleet Sheets is working out awesome and he was very appreciative.


Product arrived in a timely manner and was packaged well. Good quality product.

A little piece of home!

Love fleet sheets, this is my third set now (I like to have backups!) they are so soft and comfortable! Great quality, fits the racks perfectly. Makes organizing your rack a breeze!

Great sheets

These sheets are very nice and fits my sons rack great.

Sheets for ET boyfriend

I bought these sheets for my boyfriend so he'd be comfortable while underway and he loves them! He said they're really soft.

A gift for my Sailor

The sheets arrived to my daughter on her ship within a couple of weeks. She was very excited to get the comfort care set. She said the sheets fit great and the caddy is awesome!

Why can't supply just issue these

The best thing you can do for your rack. Way better than what supply hands out.

Well done!

My son likes the mattress pad cover, and I am so glad I could help him have a more restful nights sleep!

A way to spoil my military son!

My son loves his Fleet Sheets and the padded mattress pad makes being out a little bit better! Also ordered him the caddy and large towel. He was very happy :)


My son loves them! As he is on his Deployment! ⚓️

All I can review is shipping

I bought these for my daughter and she hasn’t deployed yet. The order was processed and shipped correctly in a timely fashion.

Embroidery Price for Signature Comfort Care Package

These sheets are the best sheets and fit my sons rack so well.

My son has told me that the topper is very comfortable and he is sleeping much better on the ship. Thank you and he is giving your company information to his ship mates!!!

Comfort while facing the uncomfortable!

There is nothing more than wanting to be home in your own bed. My luxury comfort care package gave me a sense of comfort while I was unable to be in the comfort of my own home. They are made to fit the rack perfectly so there is no fixing the sheet throughout the night. The padding gives a little more comfort to rest up before having to face the next day, out of your comfort zone! This package is an awesome deal to make the best out of the sleeping arrangements on the ship!! Rack out!

Size Guide | Fleet Sheets
Size Chart for Navy Ship Rack, Coast Guard Rack, Rack Sheets, Submarine Rack. Sizes are typically based on rank and ship type.
Size Name Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet Pillowcases
Crew (Surface Ships and Submarines) 26" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 92" 20" × 33"
Crew Long (Surface Ships) 26" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 96" 20" × 33"
CPO (Surface Ships, Subs, and Coast Guard Cutters) 28" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 92" 20" × 33"
CPO Long (Surface Ships) 28" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 96" 20" × 33"
Officer (Surface Ships) 34" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 63" × 92" 20" × 33"