US Navy rack mattress sizes are associated with the type of berthing personnel are assigned onboard the ship and are commonly based on their rank/paygrade. Junior enlisted personnel that are in paygrades E-6 and below are referred to as "Crew" and will share the same berthing areas. Senior enlisted personnel that are in paygrades E-7 to E-9 are referred to as Chief Petty Officers or "CPO's". Officers in paygrades O-1 and above assigned to staterooms are our "Officer" size. Junior Officer's, O-1 to O-3, onboard larger Naval War Ships are often assigned to staterooms that accommodate 3-4 personnel. These 3-4 person staterooms have "CPO" size rack mattresses. Coast Guard Cutter berthings and other Coast Guard vessels are typically always the "CPO" size rack mattresses throughout. We always recommend measuring the rack, if feasible, and referring to our size guide to be certain of the specific size you might need.

Very likely the "Regular" size. 95% of Crew berthings for E-6 and below on US Navy surface ships are regular "Crew" size rack sheet mattresses. Long size rack sheet mattresses are more common in CPO berthings, Junior Officer 3-4 person staterooms, and on newer class warships. The new Freedom and Independence class LCS ships are almost entirely Crew Long and CPO Long rack sheet mattress sizes for enlisted berthings. Check out our Size Guide. If you are ordering Fleet Sheets as a gift and still unsure of the best size to get, don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. Contact Us Now.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Exchanges and Returns are hassle free with us. 

If you have any other questions or would like clarification, please Contact Us.


Anywhere. We provide great Domestic and International shipping rate options. We deliver to all Domestic and Military FPO addresses with shipping options from USPS and UPS. We provide International shipping options from USPS, UPS, and DHL. Our Freight options for larger orders are limited through our website. Please visit our Supply Support page or Contact Us directly for a shipping quote on large quantity orders.

By USPS Only. We ship to all US Military FPO (Fleet Post Office) and APO (Army Post Office) addresses. ***Orders shipped to military addresses could see longer delivery times based on the ship/unit mission during transit and delivery.***

When sending your order via USPS to an FPO or APO address, use the following example format when providing your shipping address: 

Sailor Name
USS Dwight D Eisenhower CVN 69
Unit 100236 Box 1
FPO, AE 09532

From the example above, use the following shipping fields when providing the FPO shipping address:

Address line 1: USS Dwight D Eisenhower CVN 69
Address line 2 (Apt, suite, etc.): Unit 100236 Box 216
City: FPO *State: AE Zip Code: 09532

*State - There are 3 options when selecting the state for a military address:

AP-Armed Forces Pacific
AE-Armed Forces Europe
AA-Armed Forces Americas

Be sure to select the option that corresponds with the State Abbreviation.  

The US Postal Service (USPS) and the Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA) are used to deliver packages to FPO/APO addresses. Depending on the Ship or Unit location (and other external factors including military inspection) some orders may experience additional delays. Due to heightened security, unfortunately only limited tracking information is available on military orders after a package transits outside the continental United States. Some customers have received their package in less than 7 days but it can take up to 30 days before delivery. If an order sent to a Ships FPO address is not delivered within 30 days, we will resend your entire order at no extra charge or provide a full refund.


Size Guide
Size Chart for sizes on Navy Surface Ships, Navy Submarines, and Coast Guard Cutters. Sizes are typically based on rank and ship type.
Size Name Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet Pillowcases
Crew (Surface Ships and Submarines) 26" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 92" 20" × 33"
Crew Long (Surface Ships) 26" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 96" 20" × 33"
CPO (Surface Ships, Subs, and Coast Guard Cutters) 28" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 92" 20" × 33"
CPO Long (Surface Ships) 28" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 96" 20" × 33"
Officer (Surface Ships) 34" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 63" × 92" 20" × 33"