Embroidered Fleet Sheets: Never Lose Your Sheets Again

Embroidery Sheets From Fleet Sheets


Keeping track of your belongings when you’re away out on sea can be daunting and at times overwhelming. 

For the men and women that are reporting for the first time, you have numerous things going through your mind that you’re trying to remember. 
Assuredly the last issue you want to deal with is losing track of your quality, Fleet Sheets.

For this exact reason, Fleet Sheets have decided to offer Custom Embroidery Sheets so you never have to worry about losing your personal bedding again. 
When you order embroidery for your sheets you will find magnificent, detailed embroidery that will separate you from the rest.

When you want to make your rack feel somewhat like home Custom Embroidery Fleet Sheets is the way to go.

In this article, we will be covering other benefits of having your bedding embroidered so without further delay lets get into it.


Unquestionably the biggest advantage of having embroidered sheets is being able to identify your personal property like we mentioned above. 
Obviously, you won’t always be close to your rack so being absolutely sure you do not lose your Fleet Sheets to another person on board is crucial.

If you have been on a Navy Ship or lived on camp for a while you understand the importance labeling your possessions. 
Yes, you can throw a piece of duct tape on it and mark it up with a good ol sharpie but how long do you think that is going to last?

I think we all know the answer to that one. Instead, let Fleet Sheets embroider your sheets with a custom design that will make you feel proud.

Customize and Express Yourself

Our embroidery is not just about keeping your bedding set in your possession throughout your journey. 
We want you to recognize this as an opportunity to express who you are as a person and as a Sailor.

Most people are proud of something in their life whether that be the city you were raised in or a family member you are extremely close to.

The point is our custom embroidery gives you options to uniquely identify yourself and your bedding. 
Displaying your name, rank, title, or initials in embroidery delivers a strong message that you are a person of integrity who is grateful for what they own and does not take their belongings lightly. 
We believe if you carry yourself with that type of self-respect and value most people will treat you that way. 
On the contrary, if you walk around with little confidence and don't value your goods, unfortunately, other people will entertain that same idea about you. 
To be absolutely honest that's just the way the world works.  
As veterans ourselves we know that you are worth much more than that. 
As you travel, why wouldn't you want to identify yourself and your belongings? 
Well, Fleet Sheets is here to offer you luxury while you're away from home by identifying your embroidered bedding sets and setting you apart from your shipmates. 

Final Thoughts

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Sure we all agree that there are definite bonuses to having your sheets embroidered.
Essentially, what it comes down to is if you want to keep your Fleet Sheet Bed Sets for a lifetime having them embroidered is your best bet. 
Please leave comments or contact us with any questions you may have about the embroidery of your sheets. 
If you are wanting embroidery on your Fleet Sheets simply click the box on the sales checkout page and we will include that in the order.