Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel

Size Guide
    1. Absorbent Towel Soaks Up Large Volumes of Liquid
    2. Quick Drying Microfiber Fabric Dries Faster Than Standard Issue Towels Inhibiting Odors
    3. Included Mesh Lined Toiletry Bag Features Wet/Dry Storage and Quiet Zippers
    4. Lightweight and Ultra Compact
    5. Gently Removes Oil, Dirt and Perspiration from Hands, Face and Body
    6. Snap Loop to hang anywhere, Attaches to Clothing, Gear or Equipment
    7. SILVADUR™ Silver Antimicrobial Ions Inhibit the Growth of Odor Causing Bacteria and Fungi
    8. Includes Two Retention Straps to Secure Microfiber Towel, Gear or Clothing
    9. Wind Block, Sun Shade, Sling, Shemagh, Absorbent Wrap, Blanket
  • When you need to cut down on space and weight, you want gear that serves double duty, like the Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel. So much more than just a quick drying, absorbent towel, These towels are tools and also act as wind blocks, sun shades, slings, shemaghs and blankets. With patented sewn grommets that can be used as tie-downs and two included retention straps to secure the towel, the Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel has it all, including a SILVADUR™ silver antimicrobial treatment and mesh-lined toiletry bag with quiet zippers. You’ll be glad you made the switch to the Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel.
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OD Green

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

These were perfect for what we were looking for and are working out great.

Perfect towels

Ordered two of the medium sized micro-fiber towels in blue. Amazing! Out of the shower dry in seconds. The towels dry fast! Couldn’t be happier.

Micro towel

Haven't heard yet from my sailor, but appeared to be a quality product.

Bedding Towel

The young man to whom this order was sent is pleased with these items. As purchaser I was pleased with the service and delivery of these items to the sailor in Japan.

Good towel

I had this shipped directly to my husband. I know it says compact, but I’m not sure if he has had trouble getting back in the bag or not. Either way, that fact that it’s microfiber is what sold us. He took regular towels with him for deployment but I sent him this because it’ll be more sanitary and will stay drier than a regular towel. I loved that they had different size options. I picked the middle one because the large was massive and I figured he needed to keep it stored away.

Size Guide | Fleet Sheets
Size Chart for Navy Ship Rack, Coast Guard Rack, Rack Sheets, Submarine Rack. Sizes are typically based on rank and ship type.
Size Name Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet Pillowcases
Crew (Surface Ships and Submarines) 26" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 92" 20" × 33"
Crew Long (Surface Ships) 26" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 53" × 96" 20" × 33"
CPO (Surface Ships, Subs, and Coast Guard Cutters) 28" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 92" 20" × 33"
CPO Long (Surface Ships) 28" × 80" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 56" × 96" 20" × 33"
Officer (Surface Ships) 34" × 76" × 8" (Fits mattresses 4"-7" deep) 63" × 92" 20" × 33"